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Published: 08th February 2011
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Dubai is known as the shopping center of UAE, and also for the whole world. Dubai own s the largest mall in the whole world, and you find more than shopping stores at Dubai Mall. I will explain further on this article what Dubai Mall has to offer and the basic facts about Dubai Mall.

Dubai Mall general Info

Dubai Mall is the largest shopping mall in the whole world; Dubai Mall is located near the tallest building in the world Burj Al Arab. Dubai mall offers more than shopping stores they also have aquarium and indoor ski complex. I will list down the things you can see and do at Dubai Mall, this will be helpful for you if you should decide to visit Dubai Mall while you are in Dubai. I will highly suggest that you do visit the largest mall in the world.

There are lots of stores in Dubai Mall and everything you buy in here is tax free, this is why lots of ordinary as well as popular and known people shop at Dubai Mall. You will see designer stores and definitely if you spend a day at Dubai Mall you will never be bored.

Dancing Fountain

Every 6 pm to 10 pm they turn on their dancing fountain with lights and water dancing to the background music, very fascinating to watch, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or cold drink at the cafes near the fountain. This is the largest dancing fountain in the world dont miss out on it. The dancing fountain is set on the 30 acre Burj Khalifa lake and the fountain shoots water jets as high as 500 feet and the fountain id 900 ft long, there are superlights the most advanced large fountain lights with more than 20 different colors to create visual spectrum and abstract attractions. Every 30 minutes the show begins and also in the weekdays. The background music is classic Arabic and

Restaurants, cafes and bistro

Dubai mall is large and you find restaurants, cafes and bistro as well as known fast food chains such as Mc Donalds and other known fast food chains is also found at Dubai Mall. You also have the opportunity to dine outside and enjoy the city view.

Entertainment at Dubai Mall

Whether you are a family with kids or a group of young travelers or business men, you will enjoy Dubai Mall. There are lots of entertainments at Dubai Mall. This is a place of leisure and entertainment for family and kids.

Kidzania the largest entertainment in family entertainment center in the world, at kidzania you will find a replica of the real city where kids get the chance to live in adults world, interactive playing, you find a miniature hospital, bank, offices and a lot more. At kids ania the kids can get around by bus or rental cars, there are also 70 professions the kids can choose form and pretend they are doctors, nurses teachers and more. Here they also learn the value of money, and also they get their bank account whre they can spend their money on outlets at kidzania.

Reel cinema offers 3D movies and luxurious and relaxing chairs to watch your favorite movies.

Events at Dubai Mall

There are also events at Dubai Mall, it is best that you look at Dubai Malls calendar for more info. The events that are being held at Dubai Mall are Fashion Avenue Entertainment, you will get to experience the different Arabian Music and fashion. Action painting and painting workshop are also being held at Dubai Mall. Concerts and other big events you will find at Dubai Mall, watch out for Summer Surprises for kids, your kids will love it as well.

Watch out for sales, they can have sales up to 50% off if you love shopping Dubai Mall is heaven for you.

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